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Yucatan vacation

If you plan to take a Yucatan vacation, it is not really very difficult to prepare to go, but there are certain things that you need to keep in mind to make sure that all goes smoothly.

One of the nice things about going on a vacation to Mexico is the fact that you actually do not need any kind of a Visa to get into Mexico if you are a U.S. or Canadian resident. However, if you plan to make the trip back to your home country (if you are American) you will need to have a passport in order to be able to get back in the country.

Basically, if you are traveling to Mexico, you can bring practically anything you want into the country, but there are some limits that may surprise you. For example, you may not want to bring too much music with you since you are only allowed to bring two CDs into the country. Also you can only bring 12 rolls of film or 12 cassettes. It is hard to say how strictly these laws are enforced, but it is probably better to be safe than sorry.

Of course, there are some things that you are absolutely not permitted to bring into the country. Most importantly, it is illegal to take firearms, ammunition or illegal drugs in or out of Mexico.

When on vacation, you will be able to find plenty of places that exchange U.S. dollars for pesos. But, if you have dollars you may just want to hold on to them since pretty much everywhere will accept dollars in place of pesos.

If you hope to be able to get a little work done, there are many Internet cafes in the Yucatan. It is also possible that your hotel may have WiFi access to the Internet.

A Yucatan vacation is one that you are sure to remember. As long as you make sure that you have done all of the things that need to be done before you start your vacation, you should be in good shape.

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