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Yucatan crater

The Yucatan crater is something that visitors and scientists alike are fascinated by.

To most people in Mexico, Chicxulub is merely a sleepy fishing town located on the Yucatan Peninsula. Although it is growing in property thanks to real estate developments along beachfronts, most locals would consider it a typical town.

Scientists, on the other hand, conjure up a much different image when the name Chicxulub is mentioned. It is widely agreed upon in many scientific circles that around 65 million years ago, a giant crater hit Chicxulub.

Even though the spot where this crater may have impacted Chicxulub is invisible, scientists have used other methods to make their determination that this was the place that had a crater hit it so hard that it is what led to the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Of course, if it is true that this is a place that was hit by a crater, it obviously had to be a pretty large crater to do the damage that it supposedly did. The most generally accepted estimate is that the crater originally would have left a divot about 6 miles wide.

Either way, the story of the Yucatan crater is something that should be paid attention to.


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