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Yucatan Mexico

Those who want to get away and experience something completely new and rich in culture may be well served by booking a trip to the Yucatan, Mexico.

Any vacation can boast a lot of different things to do. But a vacation to the Yucatan allows the traveler to not only experience a typical vacation, but it also allows them to delve deeper into Mexican culture.

There are many events that go on in the Yucatan throughout the year. Some people try to plan their vacations around some of the events that occur, but because there are special activities all year-round, regardless of the time of year that you visit, you will be able to find many things going on.

Some examples of these activities are:

• Dancing Under the Stars ? One of the things that many people enjoy experiencing is Dancing Under the Stars. Weather permitting, this occurs each Tuesday night at Parque Santiago. The dancing usually begins around 8:30 p.m. Visiting this event is a nice way to appreciate the culture that surrounds you.

• Day of the Dead ? This annual celebration occurs on Nov. 1 of each year and it includes guests and residents honoring those who have passed before them. Those who participate in this event are encouraged to register the name, likes, hobbies and other pertinent information about the person whom they will be honoring.

• Carnival ? From February 14 to February 21, visitors to the Yucatan are treated with an explosion of cultural awareness during Carnival time. Not only is this a time of fun and celebration, but it is also an important time to the economy of the Yucatan.

These events are just a starting point at where those who decide to take a trip to theYucatan, Mexico might want to go. Regardless if a trip is completely planned out before hand or if things are done on the fly, there will always be plenty to do.

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