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Progresso Yucatan

Progresso Yucatan is just one of the many places in Yucatan that visitors can come to for a short visit and then find they never want to leave.

One of the main things that visitors to this area want to know before anything else is why the pier is so long. There is actually a good reason for this. Progresso, just like the rest of the Yucatan Peninsula, sits on a limestone shelf that actually goes out to sea in a very gradual manner. The pier was built long in order to get past this shelf into the deeper water. Without being in deeper water, ships coming in to dock would get stuck because the water would not be deep enough. Even though the pier is very long, the water at the end of the pier is still only about 30 feet deep.

The average temperature for Progresso is about 87 degrees. This means there are a lot of great beach days. However, you should not plan on it being warm throughout the whole summer. As a matter of fact, it does get a bit chillier from November to April. A heavy coat won’t be needed, but it might be nice to at least bring along a sweater or two.

For years, Progresso was just a sleepy fishing village, but once outsiders saw the beauty of the area and the richness of the culture, they quickly began to build beachside houses and condos. Now there is a perfect mix of old and new. This is why Progresso, Yucatan is such a popular place to be.


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