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Yucatan tours

There are so many different types of Yucatan tours it is difficult to recommend any one single type of tour. The kind of tour or tours you might like to take will probably depend a lot on the kinds of things you like to see and do.

Some of the most popular tours are:

• Biking ? Lest you think that this simply includes a bike ride around downtown, you may be surprised to find out all of the places that you can go on a rented bike. Just because you are taking a bike tour, this does not mean you cannot get off the bike and visit. One of the places that many people like to visit is the underground caves, where they are able to take a dip in the pools inside of the caves.
• Jungle adventures ? If you want the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the animals that you have only seen before on TV or at the zoo, the jungle tour might be a good option. While you can visit sites on this tour for just a couple of hours, those truly adventurous people sometimes prefer to set up camp and spend two or three days among the jungle area.
• Kayaking ? When kayaking, you are able to combine the highlights of kayaking with the highlights of taking the jungle tour. Many people enjoy taking part in the kayak tour simply because of the peacefulness of it. As you roll down the still waters, you are able to look round and get a better appreciation for the nature around you and what it might take to preserve it.

Choosing anyone of these Yucatan tours could help you get a better appreciation for what life in the Yucatan is all about, but choosing all three of these tours will definitely do so for you.


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