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Yucatan living

Yucatan living is a great way to live for some people, while for others it is less than desirable. It is hard to tell how a person will react to the changes in lifestyle if they are planning on moving to the Yucatan Peninsula, but there are a few things that they might want to consider that could help them make the decision easier.

• Cost of living ? In general, the cost of living is going to be much less expensive in the Yucatan than in most places in the United States. Of course, this also depends on if you have decided to live in an area that attracts a lot of tourists or not.

One of the biggest expenses is electricity, which can cost as much or even more than electricity does in the United States. But even if you are paying more for this, you are likely to be able to spend less on a lot of other things.

One of the things that will be noticeably cheaper when billed is water. An average monthly water bill is somewhere around $25 pesos, which is about $3 American dollars. The more American dollars you are able to use, the better off you will be when making purchases.

• Food ? Even though you can live like most Mexicans off of fresh fruit and vegetables and other items purchased at outdoor markets, you do not have to buy food in this manner. There are a number of Mexican grocery stores. Likewise, you can also find some Wal-Marts on the Yucatan Peninsula.

Even though Yucatan living will force you into making some significant adjustments to your life, you should not look at it as you will be living a lower standard of living than you are now. It simply is a different standard of living.


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